Sunday, April 8, 2012

Daily Dose: Pink Lady

I am way behind on my outfits.  I think this one is from February.  (I'm sorry!)  I loved this pink blazer the moment I saw it, and although its not the greatest quality, I'm enjoying the time we have together before the inevitable pilling nightmare begins (it’s a knit).

The pink boyfriend blazer is the only recent piece in this outfit.  I don't wear a lot of my older clothes that often, and I'm going to try to change that.  It's a knit blazer, which I find insanely comfortable, but I have already noticed some pilling on the bottom of the torso.  I think I'm likely going to stick to woven blazers in the future, as I like my blazers to last for a while.  I really appreciate when blazers have cute linings, which you can show off by rolling up the sleeves.  This one doesn't disappoint, as it has a nice, neutral striped lining that comes off as casual but polished.  The other pink item in this outfit is a old light pink sweater that I don't wear very often.  It's quite short and the neckline is low.  I like the colour though, and there is some nice sequin detailing at the neckline, although it is starting to come off.  I think once it becomes more noticeable, I'll just take it all off and have a plain pink sweater.  I tried to solve the aforementioned problems by layering the sweater over a brown long sleeve tee, and I think it worked!

These jeans are really old and a bit loose now.  I don't generally like jeans with rips in them (and I just realized I forgot to draw in the rips), but I feel like in this outfit, the rips contrast nicely with the blazer and pearls.  I used to really, really be attached to Aeropostale jeans a while back because they were the only jeans I could find that didn't have a giant waist gap and that I didn't really have to hem-- but I think that might have been a one-off, as I haven't found any Aeropostale jeans that have fit well since!

These shoes are also ancient-- I don't even know how old they are and I'm going to say they were originally my mom's.  My mom and I actually have about the same shoe size, so we kind of just have a communal shoe closet at this point.  The final piece is a long strand of pearls, doubled; I feel like they really tie the whole outfit together!

This was actually a weird outfit for me.  I don't wear jeans very often anymore, so it felt rather novel to put a pair on. xD

Pink boyfriend blazer - Siren's - Size S - $29
Pink sweater - Urban Behaviour - Size XS - $10 on sale
Brown long sleeve tee - Old Navy - Size XS - $4 on sale
Jeans - Aeropostale - Size 4 - Gift
Pearls - ALDO Accessories - one size - $16
Brown heeled loafers - ? - Size 7 - ???
Socks - Walmart (:P)


  1. I love the pink blazer, and did you do that illustration? I love it, talented lady!

    1. Thank you-- I did indeed! I haven't been as happy with the last few I've done, but I like it because it gives me some drawing practice.



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