Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stay tuned: Spring (maybe) coming soon

In addition to a terrible winter that will never end (G. R. R., it got here before Winds of Winter!), I'm separated from the majority of my wardrobe and my computer has died. I managed to completely kill the processor, ostensibly with too much awesome, but my photo-editing capabilities have died with it along with a bunch of posts. Now, I've been planning loads of posts, but just having trouble with the pictures to go along with them, due to the aforementioned issues. I'm fed up with not posting though because I have loads to talk about! I'm hoping in the meantime, with the dearth of accompanying illustration, you all will be charmed my my wit and way with words. :) (Hey, an emote can't hurt either, right?)

Let's talk about the weather. All of Canada and the US has been inundated with a really, really terrible winter this year. Although the stores are full of spring and summer collections on schedule, the weather, at least in my neck of the woods, hasn't been cooperating. Like, at all. So what's a girl to do? Let me tell you.

The Vitamin J Guide to Telling Winter to Shove it (Through Fashion)

1. Buy some cute winter accessories at a serious discount
Ah, the joys of off-season shopping. Except this time, you can wear your purchases right away! I recently picked up a bunch of scarves originally priced around $20 for less than $3 a piece. i found that pair of heart print gloves marked down 75%. And I wore these things the same week. I generally pick up lots of winter things anyways, since my winter season is so long, so it was nice to have a cute little pick-me-up that would come in handy later in the year as well.

2. Wear warm weather dresses with tights
I swear by fleece-lined tights and leggings. These babies make it so that even if your dress is made out of the thinnest cotton ever, your legs will still feel toasty. Cardigans perform the same function for your arms. If you can't find fleece-lined tights in your colour of choice, wear black ones and layer a coloured opaque pair over top.

3. Pin on a flower
In your hair, on a lapel, on a belt, anywhere! I'm currently really digging the sock bun and metallic flower combo at the moment.

People still stuck under sheets of snow-- what are your ways to incorporate spring into your clothes while it's still miserable outside?

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