Monday, August 18, 2014

Daily Dose: Sweetheart

It's been a long time, blog. I've missed you.

For a while there, I-- gasp-- stopped caring about dressing up nicely. I was having some trouble career-wise, and it was seeping into what originally was an escape from work. I was sad. My clothes were sad. (There were lots of fancy sweatpants involved.)

About a month and a half ago though, I managed to make a switch in my career specialty and have since incredulously watched as my desire to take photos of myself returned! I still wear the fancy sweatpants a lot though. (No regrets.)

This is an older outfit from last fall (!) that I had kicking around on my computer. My mom begrudgingly complimented my sock bun as marginally better than the atrocity I usually pile onto my head. I really like this skirt-- it's got beautiful lace detailing and is just a little bit sparkly, but my favourite part of the outfit is the belt. Heart cutouts!

Sweater - Gap - size S - stolen from younger brother after mom shrunk it in the wash 
Skirt - Forever 21 - size S - ~$18
Belt - Forever 21 - size S/M - ~$6
Flats - Suzy Shier - size 6 - ~$10
Bun band(?) - Icing by Claire's - no size - $2
Tights - H&M - size S - ~$7

Total cost = ~$43

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