Monday, March 9, 2015

Daily Dose: Lacy days

I have a thing for lace skirts. I have about seven, and most of them are black. I gravitate towards them in the store and even when I remember the ungodly amount of lace skirts I have, I still want more.

They just seem so flexible to me. But how, you say, could a sultry little black lace skirt ever be flexible? Aha, I say. It all depends on how you wear it. A lace skirt can of course be sexy, as is their natural state. They can also be very girly, in a more demure silhouette or a pastel colour. They can give you shades of 80's rock goddess paired with something spiky or in leather.

Lace can add a great layer of texture to your outfits without too much clutter or being overly trendy. It's also everywhere-- there's lace dresses, skirts, tops and H&M even has a pair of lace pants on their website which are simultaneously intriguing and terrifying.

Nude camisole - Sears - Size S - ~$20
Lace camisole - Ricki's - Size XS - ~$5
Lace skirt - Urban Outfitters - Size XS - $10
Opaque tights - Ricki's - Size S - $16.50
Black pumps - Uno - Size 6 - ~$60
Black cardigan - Urban Outfitters - Size XS - $20 (also sadly pilled to death by yours truly)
Total ~ $131.50

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