Friday, March 6, 2015

Daily Dose: Mon Cherie

So I dropped my laptop recently on my foot, and I had thought my foot received the worst of it until I realized this weird jumpy mouse problem is not, in fact, transient. Its wreaked havoc on my sanity; I now live in a world where I open up three instances of a youtube video trying to click on a Skype link and the audio echoes with just a slight delay three times. And this happens all the time.

But enough about me. Wait no. Nevermind.

I found some very old (years old) outfit photos on my hard drive and since these days I mostly dress by picking stuff up off the floor that is 1) warm-looking and 2) not see-through, I thought I'd post them since they're much less depressing than a rotation of scrubs and black things that are also fuzzy.

I went through a serious beret phase a couple years ago. This red one is still my favourite as it is red and also has a little bow. This is my best interpretation of what I think french people look like as informed by the internet. 

On a wishful note, hopefully I will be able to post a review soon of a dress that eShakti kindly sent me ages and ages ago. I've been postponing it as I was hoping to take better photos to do this review justice, but after a last-ditch effort to contact my previously lined-up photographer, I've decided to just bite the bullet and do my best with my trusty tripod and pink point-and-shoot. One day I will learn about photos or acquire this mystical entity known as a photographer boyfriend. One day!

Red camisole - Ricki's - size S - ~$10
White cardigan - Costa Blanca (now defunct?) - size XS - ~$20
Skirt - Siren's - size S - ~$15
Tights - Ricki's - size S - $16.50
Black patent pumps - Uno - size 6 - ~$60
Red beret - Aldo - one size - ~$10
Total Cost = $131.50


  1. oh i'm so sorry to hear about your laptop! you look great in berets and i love the polka dots!

    cute & little

    1. Thanks for the commiseration, haha! Thank you! :)



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