Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daily Dose: Brown sugar

So I realize that these 'outfit of the day' or 'what i wore' posts are nowhere near daily, but I couldn't resist the clever category name. I apologize that they will be slow, at least for a while, until I figure out how to sketch out my outfits a bit more reliably and quickly.  That being said, I'm happy with this sketch!  (Note: this is not what I look like.  I am taking lots of artistic liberty because its just funner that way.  If I had to draw my shape every time, I'd get a bit bored.  But rest assured, I will try to have a fair bit of variety!)

Apparently I wore this outfit on January 11.  I got these leggings to wear for dance classes I recently started taking, since I'd purged most of my more grungy clothes a while back, but I just started wearing them regularly since the colour goes with so much.

The long-sleeved striped tee was bought during the same outing for the same reason since it was long enough to go over the leggings.  Again-- was a great layering piece.  The sweater is an old piece that I dug out and have since rediscovered-- it's simplicity and good fit make it a great layering piece!  Sadly, the Urban Behaviour locations in my city have all closed!  It was kind of like the Canadian Forever 21, but with more ridiculously silly sales and more suspect quality.  I'll miss you!  A story about this scarf-- I once had someone point out this scarf and mention they had the same one!  And did I get it from {insert expensive store here}?  Ha.  I like to wear it even on days when it doesn't match my outfit so I can use it on my ride to school in the morning as a pillow and take a little nap.  Why yes, I am that spoiled and sleep-deprived.  And finally, those booties.  Being brown suede with a small heel, they're not very practical for my climate, but I love them so.

I'm trying to work on my photography skills!  It's cold outside, and often slushy or just kind of gross.  Does anyone have any tips for indoor photography or photos in lower light conditions?

Beige sweater - Urban Behaviour - ?
Long-sleeved striped tee - H&M - ~$10
Brown Leggings - Forever 21 - ~$7
Brown suede booties - Joe Fresh from Superstore - ~$50
Headband - Claire's - ?
Scarf - Alfred Sung from Zellers - ?


  1. I love your photos! The little snapshots + the illustration are a great way to show your outfit - you're adorable :) Hope you get more sleep!

    1. Thank you! I was contemplating adding a full body photo too (I think I can take them now with them looking so seedy!) so people could compare the illustration to the real life photo. But I kinda like the mystery of it all too. xD Thanks again for your comment, and I hope I get more sleep too (eventually).

  2. I wish I could draw like you! So very talented! I'm a horrible photographer but I've heard that setting your aperture open longer and with a higher ISO will help in low-light conditions. I have not yet figured out a foolproof way to get my settings right though.

    1. Thank you! I wish I could sew like you! xD I must have tried to pick up sewing on five separate occasions now, but it's a skill that eludes me. Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, it seems that I can't change the ISO settings on my current camera! It might be time to start looking for a DSLR...

  3. This is also my style, and something I would wear everyday :)
    Could you make some post with color blocking or pastels soon?

    Also, I invite you to come and visit my blog :*


    1. Thank you! I have a few outfits I wore when I was in California involving colourblocking, so I will try to get those up soon for you!



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