Monday, February 6, 2012

Retail Therapy: Let it flow

Smart Set (it's a Canadian brand; sorry Americans!) has been having a fantastic sale since around Christmas.  Many things are marked down substantially, with a further 50% all clearance prices.  I mostly stick to silhouettes that are closer to the body, as being petite means that more loosely-fitting clothing often overwhelms me.  However, lately there's been lots of great blousy and flowing stuff in-stores and I've been tempted.  Smart Set in particular has a lot of dolman sleeves and cape-type stuff right now.  I bought a few things for my mom during Christmas but walked out with a few more things for myself (!).  At that time, they were offering a further 25% off all clearance prices, but since the 50% promo, I've returned and bought more things (not helped by the fact that I also received $20 savings cards with no minimum purchase).  The good news?  Nothing I got was over $15.

Here's part one of what I bought (yes I bought that much stuff, don't judge).

Chiffon back dolman top
This is a fairly plain top with two distinguishing features-- the dolman sleeves and the sheer chiffon-like panel at the back.  It's definitely looser but with a good drape.  I like relaxed fit and the length, and imagine it would look good with leggings, skinnies, or tucked into a skirt.  It's a sort of turquoise colour, but not too bright.  The chiffon panel at the back (sorry for the lack of photo; you can see a bit of it on the shoulder of the above right photo) starts at the top of the shoulders and goes down to about the armpit and there is definitely an issue with bra straps showing.  I've got a nude bra and some clear straps, so I think I'll be OK there.  The fabric is a thinner jersey knit, which is good for the drape, but probably won't last too long.

Sheer printed kimono top
I've definitely been itching to buy some sheer items lately.  This top also is very loose, but again, it looks intentional and drapes nicely.  The sheerness also has the added benefit of showing off your curves a bit to counteract the oversized-ness.  I like how I can wear this with or without the drawstring drawn, and it looks good either way.  As with the dolman top, I'm going to wear this with slim bottoms or tucked in.  It feels soft and nice to the touch and is a woven material.

Chiffon back dolman top - Smart Set - $4.99
Sheer printed kimono top - Smart Set - $4.99

Are you a fan of the looser-fitting items that are ubiquitous in stores these days?

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