Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Retail Therapy: Bright Blazers

Bright blazers are a big trend for Spring 2012.  I love love LOVE blazers and I believe my count is up to about 16 now.  I'm always lusting for blazers that are a bit different than the usual neutrals (as I own a blazer in most neutral colours), and in mid-January, I saw a fantastic hot pink boyfriend blazer at the mall on sale for $10!  Granted, the quality wasn't great, being a stretchy jersey knit, but I'm always up for a blazer for $10.  I tried it on and liked how it looked, so I grabbed it in royal blue as well.  However, upon approaching the till, the sales associate asked me if I knew those blazers weren't actually $10 right?  I wasn't willing to pay the $30 for something that was not great quality, so I sadly departed.  But for the next two weeks, I was obsessed.  (I typed 'hot pink boyfriend blazer' into Google how many times?)  So I found a 15% coupon, signed up for their loyalty card to get an extra 20% off and bought my blazers (plus a dress).

The hot pink is my favourite and adds a great pop of colour.

I'm really loving the stance and the more casual fit of these blazers.  Although I'm not crazy excited about the longevity of the knit material, it's really cozy and feels like a cardigan.

I bought this blazer at Sirens (a Canadian chain), but I saw a much better quality version at Jacob and have seen versions at Forever 21 and Zara.  Apparently Gap's got a pink blazer as well, but I'm not sure as to the shade.

This royal blue is a great, versatile colour that can be used across seasons.

This is also from Sirens, and again, I saw a better quality version hanging around at Jacob.

The last thing I got was a mustard mod shift dress.  I don’t own anything like it and only have one other mustard-coloured thing in my closet, plus my mom really liked it so it ended up coming home with me.

Hot pink boyfriend blazer - Sirens - $29.99
Royal blue boyfriend blazer - Sirens - $29.99
Mustard mod shift dress - Sirens - $20.00

Are you feeling the bright blazer trend?

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