Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daily Dose: Anthropologist

First off, I apologize so very much for the long break with no posts!  Work/school is currently crazy busy with very long days and no laptop access.  I'm also currently applying for residency programs, which is taking up a lot of my time and thinking power.  Unfortunately, things will be busy for a bit longer but I think I'm over the worst of it at this point.

This outfit reminds me of something that comes straight out of Anthropologie; I think it's the vintage-y vibe.  Nothing in it actually comes from Anthropologie, of course.

I really, really love this skirt.  It's a sparkly wool midi, which, by the way, is awesome.  I love sparkly woolly stuff.  I paired it with a striped 3/4 sleeve tee, after shamefacedly realizing I didn't have one.  This houndstooth blazer is one of those that has the old-school professor elbow patches on it.  It's actually from the Zara kids department and a wee bit too big, but I've made peace with that and tend to wear it open and with tighter fitting things (the exception being this lovely Olsen-esque outfit, of course).  And finally I put on socks.  With pumps.  If that doesn't remind you of Anthropologie, then I'll try harder next time. :)

Skirt - Joe Fresh - size 0 - $10
Shirt - Smart Set - size XS - $7
Scarf - H&M - one size - $3
Blazer - Zara kids - size 13/14 - $20
Socks - ?
Pumps - Suzy Shier - size 7 - $12.50

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