Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cheap Thrills - Score!

This is the fifth (and sadly final) post of a series on cheap fashion, Cheap Thrills- Score!  Hope you enjoyed reading!

I love a good deal.  It's very rare that I buy something at full price, because often I can get it or something similar on sale.  I like to think I've gotten pretty good at scoring deals-- here are some I'm most happy about.

  1. New York & Company Cutout Trench
Originally $129.99, purchased for $25.99 - 80% off
I wasn't expecting this to happen, but it did.  I was in Palm Springs for school (mostly), and whilst strolling through the mall, I saw a giant 80% off sign in the window of New York & Company.  I didn't think I would find anything for myself, but I thought maybe I could find something nice for my mom.  There wasn't anything that caught my fancy on the 80% off rack until I came across this-- a beautiful beige trench coat with cutout detailing on the hem and at the back.  I've been holding off on buying a trench, as it doesn't really work in my climate, but I really, really liked this one and it was a great price!  I'm looking forward to wearing it in the spring and summer months.

  1. Silence&Noise Gold Skinnies
Originally $88, purchased for $9.99 - 89% off
I'm not a hug fan of Urban Outfitters (at least not the clothing-- the tchotchkes are tons of fun), but sometimes their sale section gives you gold -- literally.  I had seen a bunch of gold skinny jeans around prior to finding these, but they were always gold painted on black, and seemed very rocker-chic, which I found hard to integrate into my wardrobe.  Then I found this much more painterly version of gold on white, and at this price, found it hard to resist!  It's my version of white jeans for the warmer months, and I find they go with a lot of things in my closet (of course, half of my closet is covered in some form of sparkle).

  1. Gap Pink Maxi Skirt
Originally $88, purchased for $8.97 - 89% off
This is the skirt that started my current obsession with maxi skirts and dresses.  I had three maxi dresses before this, but they were mostly for beach and cover-up purposes.  And then I found this skirt hanging on the clearance rack.  The fabric is a silk/satin sort of material, and it felt absolutely divine to the touch.  I really liked how the skirt had a real waistband instead of an elastic one, as it felt so much more dressy, and I could do some high-waisted looks.  The colour was also unexpected in a maxi length.  I liked this skirt so much I bought one in grey too!  (Which ended up being $6.97-- $2 more for pink, Gap?  Sure.)

  1. RW&Co Colourblocked Strapless Dress Purple Silk Shift
Originally $88 each, purchased for $5.97 each - 93% off each
There was a time when I could go into RW&Co and walk out with a ridiculous deal consistently.  I once had a pair of $2 dress pants that I wore into the ground and then sadly ended up splattering with glue in an ill-fated Michael's visit.  Sadly, they appear to run their most fabulous promos less and less.  One time around Christmas, I went into the store and walked out with two great cocktail dresses for pennies.  I don't particularly like spending lots of money on occasion dresses, as I wear them so infrequently-- even more so than the average person actually.  I'm Indian, so a lot of the special occasions I go to I dress in traditional Indian clothing.  So I was super happy when I found some great, fancy dresses for less!

  1. Joe Fresh Gold Leather Oxfords
Originally $79, purchased for $3.94 - 95% off
I had previously tried on a pair of beige/tan oxfords, and really liked them for spring/summer.  I wanted oxfords as I need shoes that look dressy but are comfortable to walk around in for work.  I just saw a wall of these shoes in one of the stores I frequent, and tried them on.  Oddly enough, I had to take an 8 in these shoes (I'm usually 6-6.5!), but they were so discounted!  They're real leather and I always get a ton of compliments whenever I wear them!

What have been your biggest scores?



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