Monday, July 16, 2012

Confessions of a shorts-aholic

I like Forever 21.  It's got cheap clothes.  It's got trendy clothes.  But best of all, it's got cheap trendy clothes that are sometimes buy one get one free.

I first experienced the miracle of the F21 BOGO sale when I was in Ottawa earlier this year where I made out with three maxi dresses, a top for my mom and two lace cardigans for roughly $30.  I then suffered the ill effects of this, during which everything at regular price at Forever 21 seemed much too expensive (quelle horreur!).

The store is once again having a BOGO sale and I saw some things that made me jump to make an online order, which is not something I do very often.

1. Floral print mary janes

It all started with a pair of shoes.  I had made a promise to myself to stop buying platform heels, as I have quite a few pairs, and I don't think its a classic look that will stick around long.  But then I saw these:

I think the platform offsets the sweetness of floral print mary janes and adds a slight edge.  I don't have many printed items of clothing, so I think printed shoes would be a good addition to my closet and work well with all the solids I usually wear.  I can definitely see these with a cute dress and some black tights.

2. Polka dot slingbacks

Of course, now I needed to find a second item to get free.  I didn't have to look far; there was a pair of polka-dotted slingbacks calling my name.  I love polka-dots.  A lot.  I don't have any polka-dotted shoes.  No platforms, not espadrilles.  Sold.  I have no idea how I'm going to wear them as of yet, but I'll think of something.

I took a look at the other sale items to see if there was anything I really liked that I could add to my cart to make the minimum for free shipping.  And of course I found lots.

3. Gold silk scalloped top

I had previously tried this on in-store and loved it!  I didn't love the price for a wisp of a top from F21, even though it is silk.  But with a discount and BOGO, I picked it up.  I tried it on with some high-waisted slouchy trousers and loved the look, so I hope to pair with trousers and tuck for a laissez-faire work look.

4. Abstract print jumpsuit

This was the last thing I added to my cart, as I was waffling between it and a pair of leaf-printed shorts.  I've been wanting a jumpsuit for a bit, but have held off because they're super trendy and I didn't want to spend much money on one.  Also, the BF vehemently opposed both jumpsuits and rompers, so it's been a battle.  But I took the plunge, and we'll see how it goes!

5. Lime tiered shorts

I have a pair of white tiered shorts already and love them and would have worn them into the ground already if I didn't have to go to work everyday and the shorts weren't so short.  I've been wanting a neon item lately and I thought this might be a fun pair of shorts that would save my other ones from wearing out too quickly.

6. Gold sequin shorts

I love sequins.  I have a problem with shiny things.  I also can now probably be considered a shorts-aholic, seeing as I live in a place with maybe two guaranteed weeks of shorts-appropriate weather and approximately four times that many shorts.  I feel like these will be fun and less like club-wear than a sequined skirt.

There's the list!  My order arrived, but I haven't had the time to try anything on yet.  Reviews forthcoming!

How do you feel about shorts?


  1. I love the yellow shorts, they're sooo cute! And the jumper is absolutely adorable too. Though I understand about the boy not liking it, you just have to throw it on one day when you're going to see him for just a bit, and make sure you just completely doll yourself up, hair, makeup, the works, look adorable! And then he'll only see you for a little bit, see how beautiful you look, and tell you later that he likes it. At least it works for me everytime ;)

    1. Unfortunately its a long-distance relationship, but I think it would be a great just-off-the-airplane outfit! xD I'm sure the rest of it will work out just like you've imagined, haha. xD

  2. Wow those mary janes are adorable! I love them, hard to believe they're from F21!

    1. Sometimes you find these amazing things there, and then there are those visits that make me want to not step into that store ever again (but not really, as I have a bit of a problem...).

  3. nice selection love the metallic short !



    Elegantesque Blog

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately (or fortunately? I haven't decided yet...) they're about the same colour as my skin. Apparently I'm bronze-coloured.

  4. Great post: I like your selection so much!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely check out your blog!

  5. Those shoes are so cute!

    BTW, I nominated you for Liebster Blog Award. Please check my blog for more info.

    1. I am rather enjoying their printed-ness. xD

      Thank you so much! I'll do that as soon as I can find 11 blogs to nominate, heh. xD

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! Goodness, I need to figure out how to type cute hearts like you! xD



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