Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monthly Budget - May 2012

In 2010, I started to keep the receipts of my clothing and fashion purchases.  I upped the ante in 2011 and started logging all my purchases in a spreadsheet and figuring out how much I was spending each month on fashion.  It's varied wildly since then, but at the beginning of 2012, I started to think about setting a monthly budget.  Only recently have I really committed to sticking to my budget!  (Blame all the travelling I did earlier this year!)

My current monthly budget is $100.  Here's how I did in May 2012. (Obviously I am behind in documentation).

Floral pencil skirt - $15 - H&M
Silver cuff x2 - $3 each - Suzy Shier
Silver necklace - $7.50 (rounded to $8) - Suzy Shier
Navy paperbag waist trousers - $20 - Smart Set
Snakeskin bangle set - $2 - H&M
Bronze obi belt - $5 - H&M

BUDGET = $100
TOTAL = $67

I did really well this month!  Everything was bought on sale except for the silver necklace, which I actually thought was on sale but it turns out it wasn't.  The store was very tricky, hanging it on a sale rack!  The floral pencil skirt satisfies my desire for something floral this season, and I'm so glad I finally found some cuffs!  I've worn them about 4 times already.  The trousers I was waffling on, but I like that they're kind of slouchy but still actually trousers and thus can function as work fat pants.  The bronze belt was something I totally don't need, but I love (I think bronze might just be my favourite metal!) and I'm really feeling the snakeskin lately.  Some of the other bangles are plain, and I'm going to do some DIY and spraypaint them more interesting colours.  The necklace is likely to get a coat as well!

What have been some of your recent acquisitions?


  1. I especially love that belt and floral skirt!

    1. Thanks! I have yet to wear the skirt, but I've lost count of how many times I've thrown on that belt!

  2. i love the skirt, nice blog, follow each other?

    1. Thanks and sure! I'm just checking out your blog now!

  3. everything looks lovely! xx

  4. These pieces are amazing loving the floral skirt



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