Saturday, July 14, 2012

rxHYPE: **** Jewish girls wear (and say)

I'm starting a new feature and here's the inaugural post!

So sometimes I get tired of drawing myself over and over.  I thought perhaps I could draw my outfits on different models but that just doesn't seem right.  And then I had a thought-- I'd draw other people in their own outfits!

rxHYPE is a feature where I'll illustrate an outfit from a blogger that I find all kinds of awesome.  I've got another queued up right now, but I'm always on the lookout for awesome blogs.  Let me know if you have a favourite you'd like to share!

Read on for an outfit I just saw yesterday...


I first stumbled upon Stuff Jewish Girls Like through someone else's blog link, and likely got distracted or some such thing, because it wasn't until my second skim-through JG's first page that I realized that Jewish girls are obviously very funny and well-dressed.  JG's a lawyer and always puts together fun work looks that actually, you know, would be appropriate to wear to work.  But it's this latest casual outfit of hers that inspired me to pull out my trusty tablet and draw me a Jewish girl.  I love the elegance of the blouse contrasted with the casual denim skirt, and the pops of yellow work so well to give the outfit an overall light and summery feel.  I'd mentioned to her that I've never particularly been a fan of the infamous J. Crew bubble necklace, but I like it in this outfit.  I'm lusting over her shoes and she's got a great story about how she managed to acquire that bag.  I always have trouble pairing yellow with anything, so this outfit gives me a great idea of a palette that looks stylish and of-the-moment.

What's your favourite way to wear yellow?

To JG: I'm sorry it looks nothing like you.  The drawing didn't initially start out being you, so I'm going to blame that.


  1. This is awesome!! I'm going to frame it :-)

    1. I'm really glad you like it. I always get so nervous drawing real people. xD

  2. So cool!!! You are really talented :) I love wearing yellow with blue!

    1. Aw, thank you! So sweet! That is an absolutely brilliant colour pairing-- I have the perfect blue scarf and yellow dress in mind too!



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