Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Retail Therapy: A guide to the January end-of-season sale

I deeply apologize for the long stretch without posts!  I was doing my MTU rotation (the horror!) and then buggered off to India for three weeks.  I had to go to an internet cafe to get on the web while I was away, which was rather quaint, but made it difficult to blog.  Also, India was cold.  It was confusing.

My second day back, true to form, I got off work early and walked across the street to the mall and SHOPPED.  There were some things I saw repeatedly on sale, so I present my quick and dirty guide to the January end-of-season sale.

Stores are getting rid of their fall and winter merchandise at this point (one or the other or both, depending in how fashionable a place you live in).  The kinds of things that are going to be on sale are cold weather wear and sparkly, party things for the most part.  Darker colours and jewel tones will be marked down, to make way for the lighter, brighter shades of spring and summer.  Of course, that covers a lot of merchandise.  Here's some things to watch out for and scoop up for a discount this month:

1) Boots
You don't need snow to wear boots.  Boots and booties will be on sale; get some for next winter, or choose lighter shades like tan and cognac to wear in the spring and summer.

2) Sequins
As the holiday party season has ended, spangly things are not as much in demand.  Sequined tanks and camisoles make excellent layering pieces, and although not  for the faint of heart, sequined shorts and leggings are a great, fresh way of incorporating a bit of sparkle into your look.  Baroque was big for Fall/Winter 2012, and you might be able to find some black pieces with gold stud detail because of this.  Although on trend, this colour combination is classic, so if you choose your pieces well, they won't date.

3) Scarves, gloves and hats
If you live in a colder climate, stock up on chunkier and warmer scarves at this time.  Wool and wool blends help keep you warm!  Gloves in a bright colour look great with a black coat.  You may think you can't wear hats, but this is not true!  Toques are classic and functional and everyone can wear one.  Beanies and berets look fresh and young, and if you keep the colours bright and the material crisp, it will look feminine and French as opposed to casual and too young.  Cloches have seen a recent resurgence, and floppy hats are a classic, ladylike look (felt winter ones will be cheaper right now).  Fedoras have fallen off trend into that spot where they can easily look dated, so are best left at this time to advanced hat-wearers.

4) Peplums
Peplums were very much on trend for the past year or so, and if you like the silhouette and it fits in your wardrobe, you can pick up a peplum top or jacket on the cheap since I've seen a ton on sale!  Watch for where the seam hits-- the closer to your natural waist, the better.  Experiment with necklines and sleeve lengths and try some different materials like lace or velvet.  Although its a very distinct silhouette and could tend towards looking dated soon, if your style is romantic, bombshell, ladylike or retro, peplums fit right in, and as long as you wear peplums with fresh items, I can see them being stylish for a long while.

5) Sweaters
Oh sweater, how I love thee.  Sweaters have been popping up all over lately as a more on-trend cover-up than the cardigan.  Look for ones that feel nice to the touch, and if you can spend a bit more for wool or cashmere, do so.  Don't buy anything that's already pilling in the store.  One of my favourite ways to wear sweaters these days is with the sleeves rolled up and paired with a full skirt and bib-length necklace.  Instant chic!

What did I buy so far this January?  Sequin and peplum tops, some scarves and a pair of long gloves.  I practice what I preach (this month, at least).  What have you purchased so far during end-of-season sales?


  1. Great post, Jyoti! I usually go crazy in January with all the good sales, but I'm trying to cut back this year! SO many good deals to be found, especially since our summers are pretty mild here in the PNW, so winter clothes can practically be worn year-round.

    1. Thanks! Oh my goodness, I am also trying to cut back, but I fell off that wagon HARD this month. xD There is just too many sparkly things on sale right now lol. I know what you mean! Western Canada is fairly cold year round too, so I feel less guilty about buying lots of coats and scarves and things. xD



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