Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daily Dose: Daytime sparkle

I have a confession to make: I don't really like jeans.  You know whenever there's an interview with a celebrity or something and the interviewer asks them what their favorite outfit is?  And they invariably say a white t-shirt and jeans?  I find that the most BORING outfit possible.  I am obviously a maximalist.

Mostly I am currently finding plain old jeans played out, especially bootcuts.  And now I present to you an outfit featuring bootcut jeans.

Seriously, that's three outfits in a row with these pink pumps?  Something like that.  I was inspired to pair sequins and plaid after seeing a great outfit featuring both on the You Look Fab forums.  I have a hard time putting together outfits with jeans, and this one is no exception.  I'd like to try sequins and plaid again to see if I can improve!

This sequin tank is one of four I own, and although sequins might seem a bit much, my tanks are in frequent rotation.  I think it's just an easy piece to include to punch up an outfit!  This blazer is an old one I found a long time ago on Orfus Road on a trip to Toronto.  We don't have Wet Seal in Canada (to my knowledge) but this blazer was mysteriously sitting alone in a giant Urban Planet outlet.  I think a long string of pearls, real or fake, is an excellent item for anyone to own.  They're just so versatile, and often when I can't think of what to wear with an outfit, pearls are the answer!  These jeans are a remnant from my grungy undergraduate student days, but there's nothing I like better than trying to make strange old pieces found in the back of my closet work. xD

Tank - size XS - Gap via Gap Generation (outlet) - ~$10
Blazer - size XS - Wet Seal via Urban Planet (outlet) - ~$10
Jeans - size 26 - Aeropostale - gift
Pumps - size 6 - Spring - $40

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