Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daily Dose: Garden party

Everyone loves this dress.  I don't know what it is about it; the colour, the silhouette or the flowers, but it sucks everyone in and makes them beg for mercy and someone to save them from the overall twee-ness of it all.  The day I wore this outfit I got two compliments from random ladies at the library.  Score!

I love this dress too.  It manages to be a full-skirted shift-sort of thing, which is, in my eyes, kind of amazing.  I haven't seen a silhouette like it since.  These shoes are slightly red now, after I wore them with a pair of horrendously bleedy red jeans.  They fulfilled my itch for white shoes though, and have the slightest wedge heel, which is nice for my poor, flat feet.  

The cardigan is something I was initially unsure about.  I'd seen a few lace cardigans on bloggers before, but they were from Target and I currently don't have Target.  (Next year!)  And wouldn't you know it, I saw some walking through a Forever 21.  I wasn't sure about this colour, but I'm glad I got it, as it goes with more than I thought it would, and summer's been warm this year, so I've been glad to have an item of clothing that covers the shoulders but doesn't actually provide any real coverage whatsoever.  There's some sort of statement on clothing and function or lack thereof in there if you look hard enough.

Dress - H&M (Garden Collection) - size 4 - ~$15
Cardigan - Forever 21 - size S - $4
Ballet flats - Call it Spring - size 6 - ~$12
Headband - Likely the dollar store - no size - <$1


  1. Cute outfit! And so funny about the Target lace cardigans. I just realized that I've never once seen a blogger wear a lace cardigan that WASN'T from there as well. Weird! But I really love how you paired it with the white dress. You look great!

    PS. Where do you live that you don't have a Target? So sad! Target is my favorite!

    1. Thanks! Haha, yeah, its funny when you start looking for one and realize everyone got it at a store you don't have near you! I'm in Canada, so we don't have Target yet, but I believe they're opening sometime in 2013 up here! I hope we get some designer collab stuff; the local H&Ms don't get the designer things and it makes me a bit sad. ):



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