Saturday, August 11, 2012

Daily Dose: The Roaring Twenties

I've been the "set designer" for my school talent show for the past two years.  I use the term loosely because my sets are usually made out of poster paper, spray paint and copious amounts of duct tape.  This last year, our theme was 'the Twenties', and thus came the first and likely last time in my life where it was OK to dress up as a gangster/flapper.  Gangster undercover as a flapper?  Or flapper undercover as a gangster?  You decide.

I haven't put up a full-length photo of myself before because my hair and make-up (or lack thereof) are always terrible.  But I'm trying something new, so I decided to just go for it!  I'm trying to find a good way to process photos through Photoshop as well, as my photo-taking spot isn't very pretty.  I tried going outside once but it was too cold and there was grass engulfing my shoes.  So until I find a good outdoor spot, I'm gonna go with this.  I'm going to be experimenting with some of the design aspects of the blog, so please bear with the potentially varied look of upcoming posts!  Also, please do let me know what you think of how my blog posts are laid out and how my photos and illustrations are presented during this time!

This dress (I know it's barely a dress, but it's longer than my arms!  It counts!) was one of my online Forever 21 purchases.  A commenter told me I looked like a cupcake in it, and of course I had to keep it after that.  I added the hat because who passes up the chance to wear a fedora to a 20's-themed event?  Not me.  And finally these shoes have giant bows on them and I have had more than one little girl comment on how much she likes them.

Dress - size S - Forever 21 - $14
Blazer - size 0 - RW&Co - $10
Tights - size 12-16 - H&M (kids section) - $5
Pumps - size 7 - Urban Behaviour - $15
Necklace - one size - Smart Set - $4
Fedora - one size - Le Chateau - ~$10


  1. That outfit is so fun & cute!

    1. Thanks! Haha, I always appreciate an excuse to dress a bit more costume-y. xD



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