Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daily Dose: Midis and me

I was excited about midi lengths when they first appeared.  I don't think it's the best length for me, as I'm pretty short and can't really afford to look shorter than I am.  Unfortunately, midis are renowned for their shortening properties.  I, of course, totally disregarded this and bought a few anyways.

I love this wool midi.  It's super comfortable and nice and toasty in the winter.  (Yes, I absolutely wore this outfit before summer started here.  Don't judge me by how late I post my outfits.)  It's also a little bit shiny, and you know I'm all over that.  I paired it with a polka-dotted camisole I've had for a long while, and is right on trend what with the dots and all.  I didn't think I'd use this belt as much as I have, because I thought the shape was too 'western' and not too current.  BUT I WAS TOTALLY WRONG.  It's been such a workhorse!  Ditto for this (p)leather jacket.  It's a gorgeous cognac colour and was dirt cheap and it goes with everything.  The lining is starting to come apart but I don't care, because I love it that much.  And finally, these pumps, which I've posted an outfit with already.  They're not very comfortable, but they sure are pink and pretty.

I look like such a downer in all my photos.  I promise I'm not.  It's just my fashion face, and apparently my fashion face is not amused.
Camisole - Fairweather - size S- $10
Midi skirt - Joe Fresh - size 0 - $10
Belt - Smart Set - S/M - ?
Leather jacket - Stitches - size S - ?
Pumps - Call it Spring - size 6 - $40


  1. Those shoes are adorable and you pulled off midi skirt well! I'm afraid to wear it...

    1. Thank you!

      Don't be afraid! It took me a few tries until I didn't look silly. xD You just need to find the midi for you! (:



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